Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy
Board Approved June 2011
Effective September 8, 2011

At the May 2011 Niemes School Site Council, ELAC & PTA meetings, parents requested school uniforms for Niemes students. Administration and teachers also strongly support the concept of having school uniforms. In researching the topic, it was found that ABC Board Policy allows for a school to adopt a uniform policy.

Research shows various positive reasons for adopting school uniforms. The following criteria was used to make this decision:

Conformity: A uniform will keep all students dressed the same, and thus make it harder for cliques to form based on appearance. Students’ social standing would be based more on individual character and less on their economic status.

Security: A benefit of a uniform is that it's very easy to tell who is a student and who is not. This makes students who don't attend Niemes obvious and less likely to cause trouble.

Cost: Often times school uniforms may be less expensive. We can also begin an exchange program for students as they grow out of their clothes. A school uniform inventory may cost from $80-$150 per year, much less than designer clothing. Niemes will offer school attire such as shirts ($8) and embroidered polos ($15), we will also offer sweaters and jackets. We are offering many options to help with cost, and finding deals at local stores.

Time: School uniforms would save parents and students time. Kids in the morning would not have to make up their minds on what to wear. This could improve tardies.

School Pride: Students can be proud Niemes students by wearing our school colors, fostering a community spirit.

Focus: Students will be focused on school and academics rather than attire and distractions.

Purchasing Uniforms:Uniforms may be purchased from regular retail stores including Children's Place, Target, Old Navy, Gap, Fallas Paredes). In addition, we will be partnering with FrenchToast.com. If you enter our Niemes Source Code (QS5LDPS) on frenchtoast.com, then 5% of sales go back to the school! You may request a free catalog be sent to you from their website, or you can stop by the Niemes office for a copy (while supplies last). Niemes Elementary will be selling official Niemes clothing including: T-Shirts, polos and sweater vests and cardigans with our embroidered logo.

Niemes Uniform Exchange Program
We will be launching our Niemes Exchange Store. If you donate uniform clothing, you will receive a voucher to use at our NES (Niemes Exchange Store). All donations must be in good condition, and washed before donating. All donations must adhere to our new school uniform policy. If you have donations ready, you may bring them to Niemes. Donations will always be accepted for families in need.
Please see latest news for most recent approved Uniform Policy.