Gardening Club

The Niemes Nature Center and Garden is a one acre parcel on the school grounds of the Niemes Elementary School of Environmental Science and Technology. It is planted with a wide variety of California Native Plants, separated by some basic plant communities: Coastal Sage Scrub, Chapparal, Desert, Riparian, Woodland and Grassland/Meadow. There is an amphitheater surrounded by mature plant specimens and a dry creek bed that collects water for the riparian plants when it rains. In addition, the Garden portion of the Nature Center and Garden contains a wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and an orchard with all sorts of fruit trees, from apple to banana, citrus to stone fruits, as well as some exotics, such as Cherimoya and White Sapote. There is also a 300 gallon Aquaponics system that contains fancy goldfish helping to grow many varieties of lettuce and herbs. Over 600 students integrate the Nature Center and it's plants and wildlife with their studies. There are also three after school organizations that utilize it - Garden Club, Green Kids and Science Club.