Library and Accelerated Reader

Rainforest AR Library
Students visit our modernized rainforest-themed library weekly which is run by our full time librarian. The walls and bookcases have been decorated and hand painted. Walls are covered with colorful renderings of scenes from literature, jungle murals and motifs while the whisper of rainforest sounds can be heard in the background. Students sit at large oak tables to do their research or relax for quiet reading time on sofas and beanbag chairs. Internet accessible computers help students continue their research in the peaceful jungle atmosphere.


Niemes is an Accelerated Reader school. See for information and the ARbookfind for lists of AR books!
Storytime Read Alouds:
Join us to share some books! Our principal, Mrs. Jimenez, our Assistant Principal/Dean, Mr. Velasco and our Librarian, Ms. Garibay have recorded some fun books to share.
Take a look, and be sure to click on the month to see the books we have prepared!
Ms. Garibay's Library Website: